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An incredible

A tapestry of extraordinary people, guardians of centuries-old traditions, who have dared to step up with a forward-looking vision and with the desire to create something that could leave a lasting mark.

An ambitious project that came to life from the meeting between Vittorio Gargaglione, founder of Essenza Mediterranea, and Caterina Ceraudo, Chef of Dattilo restaurant and oenologist.

They are united by a strong sharing of common values and the love for Calabria and its territory.






Chef of Dattilo Restaurant

Founder of Essenza Mediterranea

“I immediately embraced this new challenge with enthusiasm, not only because of my passion for raw materials and the contribution I could make to this ambitious project, but also to once again put my enology studies into practice."

"From the moment I decided to continue and develop my family's liqueur-making tradition by founding Essenza Mediterranea, I have always wanted to create a Vermouth with a Mediterranean character, inspired by the esteemed Vermouth Giacobini.”


The origins



The story of Giacobini is intertwined with the history of Altomonte, a small village in the heart of Magna Graecia, whose alchemical tradition dates back to the early 11th century when the first group of monks settled in the village.


From Salerno, some branches of Giacobini family moved to Calabria, where a few decades later, one of the descendants, Ciro Luigi Giacobini, along with his son Francesco, founded in Altomonte what would become the most important enological and liqueur industry in Southern Italy. They produced wines and liqueurs (elixirs and rosolios made from local herbs and citrus fruits) and fortified wines (vermouth, sherry, etc.).

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The first successes


After only 10 years of activity, numerous national and international recognitions were received, including:

  • Gold Medal of 1889 awarded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture to Giacobini for the 1886 Balbino White Wine

  • Bronze Medal at the Paris Universal Exposition awarded to C.L. Giacobini


The consecration



In 1904, the consecration came with the Gold Medal at the St. Louis Universal Exposition awarded to Casa Giacobini for its Red Vermouth: a great achievement for a Southern Italian company that had the courage to create an original and authentic vermouth, a true expression of the territory.

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In 1911, the recognition of the great work done by Giacobini company came with the Gold Medal diploma at the International Exposition of Industry and Labor held in Turin, the homeland of Vermouth and of great Italian wines

Countless are the awards and recognitions that Giacobini has collected in nearly 40 years of activity, an indelible mark of the great work accomplished.


An extraordinary story



Carlo Moliterno

And it is within this historic enterprise that the adventure of Carlo Moliterno begins, the patriarch of the family and founder of the eponymous company. In 1938, following the closure of Casa Giacobini, Carlo realized his ambitious dream by establishing his company, specializing in the production of liqueurs and carbonated beverages, with an exclusive commitment to using raw materials from the surrounding area.

The story continues


Essenza Mediterranea

In 2020, Vittorio Gargaglione, one of the heirs of Moliterno family, after successfully launching Essenza Mediterranea project, was ready for a new adventure: the revival of the historic Giacobini brand and the creation of a Vermouth with a Mediterranean character, inspired by the 1904 recipe of Casa Giacobini.


The encounter and the collaboration


On July 13th, 2021, the encounter with Ceraudo family and the proposal for a new project, based on shared values and the love for Calabria. After more than a year of hard work, thanks to the collaboration between Vittorio Gargaglione and Caterina Ceraudo, two recipes were developed: organic red Vermouth, organic white Vermouth and a Mediterranean Bitter.



repeats itself


 In 1904, Vermouth Giacobini was awarded a Gold Medal at the St. Louis World's Fair.


120 years later, Vermouth Giacobini Rosso Biologico triumphs at the World Vermouth Awards 2024, earning the Gold Medal and the title of Best Sweet Vermouth in the world. It also excels in the Design category, winning World Best Vermouth Design, Best Bottle Design, Best New Launch, Gold Medal Label Design, Gold Medal Bottle Design, and Gold Medal New Launch.

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