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A strong, authentic, and proud character. An attitude based on the continuous exchange of different cultures, on the sense of conviviality, and the sharing of experiences. A true lifestyle characterized by an unbreakable bond with the Earth and its fruits, respectful of traditions and processes.

Listening to
the Earth

Giacobini makes its presence felt, but at the same time knows how to listen; it is through this balance that it gives its best. It listens to the Earth, understands its deepest needs, and respects the natural cycle of the seasons, using high-quality raw materials, favoring manual processes and ancient artisanal methods passed down from generation to generation, to produce authentic and distinctive products.

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The processes


From selection

to extraction

The processes that give Giacobini products their unmistakable taste are lengthy and meticulous. Each individual botanical - spices, citrus peels, roots, seeds, barks, rhizomes, dried fruits, flowers, and woods - is carefully selected during the relevant season and then subjected to an extraction process based on its organoleptic characteristics. The infusions and macerations of the different botanicals are carried out separately to obtain individual essences in order to preserve their organoleptic characteristics to the fullest.

From maturation

to blending

Each essence is matured according to its characteristics before being skillfully blended by expert master liquorists. The result is an authentic and original tincture that makes our products unique.

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